Since Indonesian village schools are poorly equipped, many parents send their children to secondary schools in the city. There the children find lodging and supportive care in Christian boarding homes.

EMS-Corona-Relief: Together Against Corona


The coronavirus crisis is hitting the poorest countries especially hard. The virus is spreading like wildfire in the countries of our member churches. They, too, urgently need our solidarity.

Fostering Next Generation Ecumenical Leaders

South Korea

The ecumenical movement needs young and committed people. With management trainings the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea wants to strengthen its next generation leaders and broaden their horizon.

Interreligious Dialogue


Strengthening mutual understanding - this is the aim of the Institute For Interfaith Dialogue in Indonesia. Therefore, the centre offers religious leaders in Yogyakarta trainings and shows ways how different religions can work together.

Masangane AIDS Programme

South Africa

AIDS destroys the livelihood of many South Africans and their families since those infected can find no jobs and children are left as orphans. The "Masangane" project brings back hope to AIDS sufferers and to the children affected.

Pastoral Management


The Church of South India strengthens its pastors. In workshops they receive profound knowledge in the fields of management, administration and information technology.

Producing Biogas in Mamasa (Sulawesi)


In their training programmes for making biogas the Toraja Mamasa Church shows their members how they can use the manure from their cattle to produce sustainable energy.


Refugee Work

Hong Kong

Christian churches in Hong Kong take care of refugees and try to integrate them into the society. Through workshops and trainings they receive new perspectives of life.

Renovation of Rural Schools

South Africa

In South Africa, young people from rural areas still find it difficult to get an education. The Moravian Church of South Africa supports schooling and education for those who would otherwise not have access to education.

Solidarity with Irregular Workers

South Korea

Strengthening the rights of peons and raising awareness of the challenges of irregular workers: With its project the Presbyterian Church of Korea sets an example of solidarity.


Training for Evangelists


Evangelists are highly committed. They work as missionaries, community leaders, social workers or aid officials. The Church of South India supports their valuable work by workshops and trainings.

The Buraku is a Japanese minority which is constantly faced with social discrimination. Although they were granted equal rights by law in 1871, everyday life is a totally different story. The KYODAN Church stands up for their rights.